if timing belt breaks interference engine

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Timing belt and interference engine application (Broken belt.

depends on if the engine is an interference engine. if it is not. In the internal combustion engine application, the timing belt connects the.
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if timing belt breaks interference engine

if timing belt breaks interference engine

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Yes, heat will dry/crack the belt well before 100k if you keep a car a long. im pretty positive the SVT 2.0 isnt an interference engine i know all. But, it doesn't end there, the damn timing belt broke again, maybe 6 months later.

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Dec 17, 2000. In other words, if your timing belt breaks, does the engine "freewheel" without. The PhaseII SOHC motor is supposed to be non-interference.
A non-interference engine won't trash the valves and piston when a timing belt breaks, so there must be some appeal of the design that does.
Aug 12, 2007. My friend's Breeze recently broke a timing belt.. The problem with an interference engine is, if you are lucky (if that is what you would call it) all.
The zetec is a non-interference engine meaning if the timing belt breaks the engine will not suffer any damage. You shouldn't have caused any.
it is my understanding we have an interferance engine and when you break the timing belt you will benf valves and such. how do i check if its.